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Vampire Movies: My Top 5

So, I just watched LET ME IN last night and I have to say that I honestly would rank it as my top favorite vampire movie of all time. That’s pretty amazing really because the vampire aspect of this film isn’t a big part of it. Rather, the biggest impact is the friendship or love that is formed between the lead character and his new found vampire friend. It got me thinking though, if I liked this so much, what would I rate as my other top favorite vampire movies? So I compiled a short top 5 list of my favorite vampire movies…

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Movie Review: I Am Legend

Will Smith acting alone for almost 2 hrs. is something that might scare a few away from this movie. I shouldn’t say he acts alone, he has one helluva dog companion for a lot of that time. Either way, I Am Legend is a good popcorn action flic that keeps the audience glued to their seats with anticipation from the opening scene till the end of the movie. So hold on to your butts!

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Movie Review: Sweeney Todd

Ok, so I’ve been a big fan of most of Tim Burton’s stuff till this movie happened to cross my life’s path. Let me just say that I was completely unaware of what lay ahead when I stepped into the theatre that day.

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