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Greetings my internet friends! My name is Lucas Tetrault and I’ve been doing this whole creative thing for a decade! My passion is DESIGN, and CREATIVITY is what fuels my INSPIRATION each and every day!

An artist at heart, I grew up always drawing and painting. After high school, I went to Purdue University and learned how to apply those skills towards computer graphics and design. Upon earning my degree, I’ve since been employed at a few agencies as a Flash Developer/Graphic Designer, Assistant Art Director, and Art Director. I am now the Creative Director for Whitinger Strategic Services. I am also a paid writer for the websites and

More often than I probably realize, I get asked, “Lucas you handsome devil, what is it that you do on a day-to-day basis…?” Well, I’d say that I am involved in creatively strategizing, designing, and maintaining a company’s brand. This might include such things as websites, brochures, direct mailing pieces, ui/ux mock-ups, app design, logos, posters, photo manipulation and digital/traditional illustration work.



“Why, do you use PhoenixWave for your website and not just” … Honestly, when I was at Purdue and the .com boom (around 2002 I think) was happening – I wanted to try to find a domain that would fit what I wanted to accomplish with my presence online. I thought up a ton of ideas but I always came back to and ultimately decided upon PhoenixWave. The description I put behind it is this: “PhoenixWave – a rebirth of creativity cultivating a wave of new ideas …” A lot of other designers or art directors out there might use their actual names as their domains, and that’s fine, but I wanted to stand out a little more and use something that described me for me.

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how I spend my time

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